Bowen Therapy



How many sessions are required?

This is dependent on the condition and the length of time it has been affecting the client. Most patients will notice a change after their first session however, two to three sessions are normally required to see marked changes.

Is Bowen Therapy a type of massage?

Although Bowen Therapy is a type of bodywork its effects on the structure and function of the human body can be much more profound.

Is it painful?

Bowen therapy using very gentle motions over the skin, muscles, tendons and fascia. The level of pressure can be described as the same amount you would apply to your eyeball without feeling discomfort. Occasionally, there are some procedures that require some deeper manipulations but these will only be used to the comfort level of the patient.

Is Bowen therapy suitable for pregnancy and babies?

Bowen Therapy is highly indicated for all trimesters of pregnancy. In addition, Bowen Therapy is useful in helping with postpartum recovery (pelvic misalignment, pubic symphysis diastasis, sciatic pain) and to also help with newborns adjust to their new environment.

What are the exercises?

Occasionally, you will be instructed to perform a daily Bowen exercise to reinforce your previous treatment. It is important to begin these exercises the day AFTER your Bowen treatment. These exercises are simple to do and rarely take more than 60 seconds. The most difficult aspect about these exercises is remembering to do them so I suggest setting up an alarm or marking it in your diary or calendar.

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