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Bowen Technique or Bowen therapy is a systematic approach to healing that uses precise and gentle moves applied to specific points on the body. These Bowen procedures, as they are known, act on skeletal muscle receptors called proprioreceptors that inform our central nervous system areas of tension or injury and in turn aid in relaxation and

rebalance. In doing so, these signals re-educate the body about a preferred way of being and can help to unblock and obstacles to healing.

How does the Bowen Technique work?

Bowen therapy works on the relationship and communication junctions between the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. The Bowen procedures ‘challenge’ the muscle at these points and in effect the challenge and subsequent move over the muscle or tendon, tricks the brain into thinking the muscle has either been contracted or stretched. The subsequent feedback message from the brain will inform a contracted muscle to relax or a stretched muscle to contract. In this way, the body can reset and begin to heal itself. Quite often, contracted muscles also impinge on nerves and the relaxation of this impingement can also bring about self healing.

What will you feel during a session

Common reactions during a sessions are feelings of warmth, tingling, humming or buzzing in any part of the body, whether or not it is directly treated. These reactions form part of the treatment and the Bowen therapist will use these to guide the direction of the session.

A sense of deep relaxation is also commonly experienced.


What is the Bowen Technique?

Natural pain relief and healing without side effects

made in australia

Bowen Technique is an Australian therapy developed by Tom Bowen over 60 years ago

Useful for:

  1. Back pain

  2. Headache or migraine

  3. Sciatica

  4. Sports injuries

  5. Rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow

  6. Frozen shoulder / adhesive capsulitis

  7. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, RSI

  8. Knee pain

  9. Heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, bunions, burning heel

  10. Pain in the coccyx

  11. Respiratory problems

  12. Digestive problems, constipation, diarrhoea

  13. Faster recovery from illness

  14. Menstrual pains

  15. Back pain and pelvic pain in pregnancy

  16. Postpartum recovery

  17. Stress, insomnia and anxiety

Bowen has also been used effectively to help with symptoms of:

  1. Chronic fatigue syndrome

  2. HIV / Hep C therapy

  3. Parkinson’s Disease

After a Bowen treatment

There a few things to remember after each Bowen treatment

water Drink at least 1.5 litres of water each day for two days after a Bowen session

walk Get up and walk at least every 30 minutes. Do not remain sedentary for more than 30 minutes at a time


avoid other tactile therapies (massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy etc) and hot and cold extremes (very hot baths, saunas) for five days after a Bowen treatment.

exercises If directed, perform daily exercises to reinforce some Bowen procedures. These exercises are simple to do and will take less than 60 seconds.

Note: These exercises do not apply to every patient, only perform them if instructed.

Click HERE for exercise instructions.

Natural pain relief and healing without side effects
Bowen Therapy Knee Procedure
Bowen therapy Shoulder Procedure

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