Bowen Technique Exercises


only perform exercises when instructed by your Bowen therapist

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Knee Exercise

Note: Do not exercise a swollen or inflamed knee

Begin this exercise the DAY AFTER your Bowen treatment and do the exercise at least once per day for a week.

Begin with the better knee first.


Sit well back on a bench or table with the thighs supported by the table and the feet hanging free.

Place a light weight (eg. a packet of rice) on the top of the ankle and slowly raise and lower the leg.

The Exercise:

take the knee almost to full extension.

repeat five to ten times per session.

How much weight?:

Watch for the quads to ‘quiver’. If the foot shakes and quivers before five repeat lifts, your foot is carrying too much weight and should be reduced so that the ‘quivering’ is achieved between five and ten lifts.

Exercise both knees in this manner.